Woman's Pleasure

The fourth chakra, Anahata, the Green Chakra is all about our basic right to love and be loved.

This is the most vulnerable chakra, easily bruised, damaged or broken. Wounds to the chakra are damaging to both body and soul, impacting negatively on our lives in every imaginable way. As this is the chakra of the heart, I dedicate this massage to women everywhere.

Within this level I help connect the heart to the more intimate places of a woman’s body; connecting the spiritual and the physical, making it easier to sustain, build or rebuild connections between women and their partners.

I also want to offer something unique and positive just for women. Too many women are under the misapprehension that sensual massage is only for men. This is nonsense. For centuries female sexuality has been suppressed by societal norms and our current culture with its idealisation of the female form for pornographic or commercial reasons does not help one bit.


All treatments in the Shades of Green category cost £90/hour

Hi, my name is Natalie.
I work from my home
In Sutton (SM1)
Monday - Friday
9am – 7pm
📞 07455981658