Pure Pleasure

Our second step on the journey invites us to embrace our second Chakra, represented by the colour orange, The Svadhistana.

Svadhisthana represents the centre of our sensations and feelings, emotions and pleasures. This orange Chakra concerns itself with our capacity for intimacy and connection and with all that is necessary by way of movement and change. Working with Shades of Orange treatments allows us to use the flow of dynamic energy, essential for our growth, change, and transformation to free ourselves from the armour that encloses us.

We know from our studies of Tantra that sexual arousal is not just physical, but also an altered state of consciousness. In this altered, heightened state we all respond in ways that are very different from our everyday awareness, ways that transcend our everyday consciousness. When we get ‘turned on’, our minds as well as our bodies enter a state of other world reality. The arousal is like a trance and can be characterized by different types of deep awareness of bodily sensations, and a feeling of timelessness. On occasions, our heightened pleasure can produce euphoric and ecstatic states, our self-consciousness evaporates and in most of us, a feeling of relaxed concentration takes over. In this beautiful state we don’t need to plan or think, simply to feel and sense, our own arousal becomes our guide and we simply go where it takes us.


All my treatments in the Shades of Orange category cost £80/hour

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