Pleasure of Communication

Our fifth chakra on the journey, Vissudah, represented by the colour blue teaches us that communication is the gateway between the inner world and the outer

Here we learn that only through self-expression does the world get to know what’s inside of us. And it is only through open and honest communication, that we can begin to shape our future.

This chakra is not just about communication but also about sound. So talking is central to the chakra and your development.  And it is about open, honest and real communication. We may know exactly what we want or we may have a vague notion of where we are heading but regardless of how clear our vision is; it is a necessary step in order to change our lives for the better. To create any lasting change, we need to be able to imagine it first.

At times all of us let feelings of guilt, inadequacy, responsibility or lack of trust stop us from being as free as we want to be. We know that the power to be and think very differently about who we are and are relationship with the world lies within us but we are stopped from expressing ourselves, even to ourselves.

Conversations in the Shades of Blue category cost £60

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