Healing Pleasure

Ajna is the sixth chakra, it reveals your highest intuitions, insights, and spiritual growth. No matter how abstract or specific our vision is, it can only begin with changes we make in our own lives.

Spiritual growth requires us to break free of established patterns. To change fundamentally our approach to thinking about our spirituality and our sexuality. For many people however, change of any sort can be so frightening, debilitating or paralysing that they choose never to attempt it at all.

People who develop the ability to contain their sexual energies and conserve them, who can maintain control, also develop a unique magnetism that can serve to attract the opposite sex. A lot of charismatic people are sufficiently self-aware as to be able to channel their sexual energy into personal magnetism.

Containing sexual energy creates a sense of vitality and well-being in the mind, cutting through thoughts of depression, powerlessness or inferiority. It can create a spark of genius in your thoughts.

Sexual energy also has immense healing powers and has the capacity to revitalize the organs in the body.

This level is about mastering your destiny and taking control of your life.


All treatments in the Shades of Indigo last 2 hours for £140

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