Extreme Pleasure

Our first steps on the journey challenges us to work with the first Chakra, represented by the colour red, The Muladhara.

Not surprisingly for the foundation for the entire Chakra system, the first Chakra is situated in our bodies at the base of the spine. Our journey together will begin from the strongest of foundations. We will start by asking the fundamental question “Do we want our life to be built on fear or pleasure?”

We ourselves have the power to be and think very differently about who we are, about ourselves, our lives and the world. But how often do we allow feelings of guilt stop us being as free as we can be?  Or as free as we want to be? Do we let guilt rule all of our sexual choices or can we learn to be safe enough in who we really are and try new sexual experiences? Are we ready to embrace our sexuality more fully and perhaps allow ourselves the pleasure of anal sexuality, howevernaughty that may make us feel? And if we choose to go ahead, will we engage with these wonderful new sexual experiences in a state of anxiety and tension and fear or take pleasure in a safe, relaxed environment and simply allow these new energies to be enjoyed by our bodies?

At this Shades of Red level we will safely explore these existential themes together to turn fear into excitement, resistance into surrender, guilt into pleasure, anger into contact and respect, and punishment into an affirmation of individuality.

All treatments in the Shades of Red category cost £80/hour

Hi, my name is Natalie.
I work from my home
In South Sutton (SM2)
Monday - Friday
9am – 7pm
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