Let your journey begin.

“The kingdom of heaven is within you”


Luke 17:20-21

Dear Tantrika, – Thank you for visiting my site. I hope and feel sure that after you have spent some time here, sharing my unique and personal experience of Tantra, you will be inspired to start your own tantric journey.

The western world has been trying to understand the secrets of Indian Tantra for centuries.  For many years I too have been on my own search, seeking to separate the essential truth of Tantra from the myth.

And like most others, I had been exposed to media coverage and received wisdom that suggested Tantra only concerns itself with sex that lasts for hours accompanied by constant mind-blowing pleasure and a final, cosmic orgasm. In my years of study I have come to the realisation that this is only part of the larger reality of Tantra.

Better sex is just one happy outcome from deepening our connection to ourselves and others.

Using Tantra allows us to access new paths to joy in every area of our lives, allowing us to develop deeper, lasting, authentic and joyous intimate relationships while at the same time feeling fabulous about ourselves. This Tantra journey, our Tantra journey, is about me helping you to use sex to make positive choices – to be happy, to be free and to experience the divine in yourself.

Of course, sexual pleasure is a great invitation to pay attention to our senses. Sexual pleasure allows us to live fully in the moment and to enjoy one of the essential experiences of being alive. Great sex not only invites us to relax, but the pleasure we enjoy awakens us to positivity, reducing stress and opening our minds to new ideas allowing us to be enthusiastic about challenges and opportunities that will bring us real joy.

I have learned, and I want to share with you, how it is through a deep engagement with these ancient pleasures that we are able to extend our awareness and consciousness to let us live more fully in, and yet be more at peace with, this complex, noisy and joyous modern world

This is a modern cultural landscape that rewards hard work and sacrifice and equates maturity with the ability to deny pleasure. External and inner voices constantly tell us to postpone pleasures until our work is complete, to delay gratification until after we have earned the right to enjoy it. And yet that day when we can enjoy ourselves never seems to come, does it? On the odd occasion when we do let ourselves access pleasure, we feel unworthy and guilty for wanting it and then ashamed for having it. At the very moment we should be enjoying our lives we are thinking of anything but joy – we are thinking of guilt.

I have learned through Tantra that to be awake, to be enlightened, is to be fully and completely present and to be at one with who I am, in every aspect of my life, including my physical being and my emotions. And now I want you to be able to grow as I have, by sharing in the same journey, using Chakra systems as our guide, our map through your consciousness. So, take a breath and join me as we journey through the multiple dimensions of yourself.

Let your journey begin.

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