Self Pleasure

Represented by the colour violet, Sahasrara, is about you merging with the divine consciousness - whenever you want to.

Your individual sexuality is your small piece of that primal power-the vital, pulsing life force. Your sexuality connects to that cosmic energy: they are one and the same thing, only on the micro and macro levels.

Life is not about having more and more orgasms, but about being orgasmic in every moment. It sounds simple, but requires determination and regular practice. At the same time, it is the most pleasant and most powerful transformation technique, and helps to reach your mind in very efficient way.

Congratulations, you have come a really long way in your journey of self-discovery. Now we have reached the point where you can become truly independent. Let me support your self – practice for just a little bit longer. It can be the easiest, but at the same time the most challenging level of them all. In this session I am only a witness and an adviser, there is no touching, just powerful communication.

I can offer further, different sessions to help support you in reaching your desired outcomes.


All treatments in the Shades of Violet category cost £50/hour

Hi, my name is Natalie.
I work from my home
In South Sutton (SM2)
Monday - Friday
9am – 7pm
📞 07455981658