About Me

“I am not a wizard, I am just an apprentice”



Massage has always been central to my lifestyle. It was our family tradition to give each other massage, so I had a taste for it from early childhood.

When choosing my career after high school, as with all of us I had a number of options and I chose to pursue a career in law. After University, I worked as legal adviser for 5 years.

However, when I moved to the UK, my life path brought me back to the massage therapy.

For a whole year I studied in Islington college specialising in anatomy, physiology, and different type of massages.

My first training in sensual massage was with Colin Richards from Massage33 (London);

With experience and knowledge, this magical world started to open and I continued my study online with Joseph Cramer (California, USA), the founder of sexological bodywork;

Joseph Cramer students Janine Hug and Didi Liebold (Switzerland) taught me tantra massage;

I attended the full body orgasm workshop with Elaine Young and Dakini Catherine (London);

Matis D’arc and Klara Luhmen from Kink Academy (Berlin) introduced me to BDSM techniques;

I participated in the New Tantra sexual deconditioning workshop with Bea Dominic and Diesel (Sweden);

Currently, I am continuing my education with John Hawken on his course “The path of transformation” (Czech Republic).

Hi, my name is Natalie.
I work from my home
In South Sutton (SM2)
Monday - Friday
9am – 7pm
📞 07455981658